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Autistic child in therapy, thriving with MeRT Treatment

MeRT Treatment for Autism  

Discover the Revolutionary Benefits of MeRT

Autism is a complicated disorder that impacts how a child’s brain develops, leading to issues with communication, self-regulation, repetitive behaviors, and social skills. Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MeRT) is a revolutionary treatment for autism that has had amazing results and is bringing hope to families across the country.  

Quick Overview of Autism

Autism is a serious developmental disorder that is typically diagnosed in children. Some children may show signs of this condition as an infant, but others may seem to progress normally and then begin to regress near two years of age. Early intervention has been shown to have a strong impact on improving outcomes for people with autism. 

Every child’s experience with autism is unique. There are several subtypes of autism, and the symptoms can range from mild to severe. While some children may require less support on a daily basis, others may need more extensive help with day-to-day activities and may not be able to live independently as adults. 

Many children with autism have experienced miraculous results in their overall function and communication patterns after MeRT treatment. “The Doctors” interviewed neurologist Spencer O. Miller, MD, who has been utilizing this treatment*. Several moms and of children with autism shared their testimonials as well. 

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* Results are based on active and strict observation of our regimens.
Results may vary based on the individual user and are not guaranteed.

Common Symptoms of Autism

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  • Avoids eye contact 
  • Difficulties understanding emotion 
  • Shows little interest in peers
  • Uses few gestures 
  • Cannot read body language 
  • Limited verbal skills 
  • Engages in repetitive behaviors
  • Follow certain routines or patterns 
  • Increased sensitivity to light and sound
  • Shows self-harming behaviors
  • Unusual reactions in social situations
  • Delayed movement sills 
  • Hyperactivity or impulsiveness 
  • High anxiety levels 
  • Unusual eating and sleeping habits
  • Robotic speech patterns 
  • Disconnected from care givers
  • Fixates on certain objects 
Little girls with autism thriving with help from MeRT Treatment

Autism Decreases Neural Connectivity in the Brain 

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, their behaviors and lack of communication skills can be difficult to understand and adjust to. While autism is a very complex condition, we know that it is rooted in the brain.

While the brain of a neurotypical individual has well-organized, balanced brainwave activity, people with a developmental delay often have abnormal brainwaves in the front ¾ of their brain. There are often a mix of slow (Delta & Theta waves) and high (Beta wave) frequency behavior. 

However, every person with autism has a completely unique brain — even if they share the same symptoms as someone else. There is no one size fits all treatment for autism and other developmental delays, and that is why a unique approach is necessary.  

How MeRT Can Help Treat Autism

MeRT is a unique and effective treatment for autism because it is personalized to each individual’s unique brain. Some people can live with autism their whole lives with little to no improvement, but MeRT has shown remarkable potential in helping regulate the brainwave activity in children with autism and show visible improvements. 

This neurotherapy is a highly specialized use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that is completely pain and drug free. With MeRT, you won’t have to continue simply managing the symptoms of your child’s autism. Rather, you’ll provide lasting change by addressing the issue at a neuron level. 

Step 1

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Record Quantitative EEG (Brain Mapping)

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EEG Analysis & Review

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MeRT Treatment

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Progress Evaluation 

Dr. Joseph Radawi

Why We Treat Autism with MeRT

Dr. Joseph Radawi, MD, practiced emergency medicine for more than 10 years before moving into functional medicine. He saw first-hand the impact that chronic conditions, including many mental and neurological conditions, were having on people in his community and wanted to help.

He found that while traditional medicine is great for acute care, such as injuries and emergencies, it doesn’t have good enough answers when it comes to chronic, life altering conditions. MeRT Treatment is a breakthrough approach that treats the neurons of the brain, rather than just the symptoms, to restore brain health for the long-term. Over the years Dr. Radawi has realized that altered mental and brain health is a limiting factor in obtaining optimal health even when following other functional medicine lifestyle recommendations. This is why he is so excited to introduce this innovative treatment in East Tennessee.

Dr. Radawi has completed advanced clinical training in functional medicine and MeRT treatment and has helped many patients address the root causes of their problems and step into a new world of possibilities. Are you ready to take control and restore your brain health?

In a double-blind randomized controlled trial, 66% of individuals with verbal and non-verbal communication difficulties experienced improvement. In the same trial, 70% of individuals with difficulty maintaining eye contact saw improved eye contact behaviors.

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