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Mental Health

Stress and Your Immune System: Why You Get Sick More Often When You’re Stressed

[Webinar] Are you sick much too often? Does sickness typically come along at times when you are the most stressed? Discover how Dr. Radawi of Tri-Cities Functional Medicine takes a holistic approach to sickness, the immune system, and underlying stress disorders. Click Here to Watch Our Free Webinar! Stress is more than a state of…

Struggling to Change Your Lifestyle? The Role of Functional Medicine Health Coaching

A lifestyle change can be difficult for anybody. Many of us have the desire to want to change things for the better but, following through on a habit-built lifestyle change is difficult. Some people want to tackle it all in one go while the motivation still exists, but that can be hard to sustain.

The Gut-Brain Connection: How an Imbalanced Gut Affects Mental Health

You’ve probably noticed that your intestinal tract reacts to your emotions. Perhaps you felt a fluttering in your stomach when you were nervous about performing in a play, a sports event, or delivering a speech. Maybe you felt sick to your stomach when you got bad news. In situations like these, it’s easy to recognize…