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Mental Health

Brain Health and Hypothyroidism in Functional Medicine: 5 Valuable Tips for Maintaining Cognitive Health

Have you been suffering from hypothyroidism and feeling worried about memory lapses or cognitive decline? Read this blog to discover how hypothyroidism can affect brain health and how functional medicine can help you improve cognitive functioning. Watch the Free Webinar! Maintaining normal brain function is essential for overall well-being and cognitive health. For individuals living…

Stress and Your Immune System: Why You Get Sick More Often When You’re Stressed

[Webinar] Are you sick much too often? Does sickness typically come along at times when you are the most stressed? Discover how Dr. Radawi of Tri-Cities Functional Medicine takes a holistic approach to sickness, the immune system, and underlying stress disorders. Click Here to Watch Our Free Webinar! Stress is more than a state of…

Struggling to Change Your Lifestyle? The Role of Functional Medicine Health Coaching

A lifestyle change can be difficult for anybody. Many of us have the desire to want to change things for the better but, following through on a habit-built lifestyle change is difficult. Some people want to tackle it all in one go while the motivation still exists, but that can be hard to sustain.

The Gut-Brain Connection: How an Imbalanced Gut Affects Mental Health

You’ve probably noticed that your intestinal tract reacts to your emotions. Perhaps you felt a fluttering in your stomach when you were nervous about performing in a play, a sports event, or delivering a speech. Maybe you felt sick to your stomach when you got bad news. In situations like these, it’s easy to recognize…