FREE Thyroid Seminar

Fatigue, Weight Gain, Brain Fog, Thinning Hair, Brittle Nails, Depression, Insomnia…Do You Have an Unresolved Thyroid Problem? Join Us for a FREE Seminar and Get the Answers and Solutions You’ve Been Searching For!


Have you been to your primary care doctor for symptoms such as: fatigue, weight gain, brittle nails, thinning hair, brain fog, depression or insomnia? Have you had your TSH levels tested to see if you have a thyroid problem? Have you been put on thyroid medications or been told that your lab tests are "normal" and "fine" but you STILL have unresolved thyroid symptoms without a solution?

If so, there is hope and there are other options!

Seating is limited! Click the following link for more information, dates and registration or call our office NOW 423-217-4158