Patient Testimonials

Off pain medication and feeling great with Functional Medicine!

– Ralph

Living without pain and insomnia!

– Sherri

Overcame Chronic Fatigue

– Dennis

Losing Weight and Feeling Energized!

– Julia and Tony

"I would like to offer my personal experience about the healthcare experience I’ve received from Dr. Joseph Radawi at Tri-Cities Functional Medicine. I was diagnosed with CFS/ME many years ago and had relapsed two years ago. I had severe symptoms which involved my CNS and I was struggling just to function each and every day. I was becoming desperate for proper care and the general business model used today in healthcare had failed me.

Thankfully, I found out that Dr. Radawi was starting a functional medicine practice and that his goals were much different from general medicine in treating patients who are especially chronically ill. His aim was to find the root cause of my symptoms and to treat my total health in order to bring about healing.

Additionally, education was provided to help me understand what my illness was causing from an inflammatory process and how to get this under control. I have learned how to get better and what’s necessary in order to maintain wellness. Following the pillars of health which include good nutrition, proper sleep, exercise regimen, stress reduction and healthy relationships & networks is not only good advice for those with illness but also to those who want to avoid becoming ill. Many thanks to Dr. Radawi for his caring attitude, his willingness to go above and beyond and his constant encouragement. The Tri-Cities is extremely blessed to have Dr. Radawi and his functional medicine practice here to help those who want and need the treatment and care offered. I would recommend his practice to everyone who want to better their health because health is wealth. "

- Dennis Irwin