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This is where you can order your brand verified supplements and personal care products all from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep. We want to provide a place where you can trust the wellness products you are purchasing and avoid the counterfeit products found at various sites online and on store shelves. These supplements and products come straight from the manufacturer and are free from harmful ingredients.

Emerson Wellevate Tri-Cities

Emerson Wellevate

Emerson brings many different brands of professional grade high quality supplements as well the best ones you can find at health food stores together in one place.

Here you can also purchase organic cosmetics, skin, hair, and body care and even organic feminine hygiene products.

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Xymogen Supplements and Medical Food

New users will need our Referral Code to create an account. This code is given to a patient once Xymogen supplements are prescribed.

We recommend Xymogen supplements and medical food because our patients get great results and we thoroughly trust the quality of the ingredients and formulations. Xymogen formulas have been used and trusted by thousands of practitioners and patients nationwide for over 20 years. They are diligent about finding the best raw materials, and our exacting standards of quality, purity, and efficacy are driving more practitioners and patients to them every day. They are passionate about helping individuals achieve their best possible health. They stay on the leading-edge of the science to provide innovative, dynamic, and ever-evolving formulations. Xymogen only allows their products to be sold through health care practitioners not online in any other way.

Annmarie Skin Care

  • Annmarie Skin Care is an organic skin care line that has won the hearts of thousands, myself included. These products are handcrafted organic and wildcrafted skin care that promises beautiful, glowing skin. Their products are non-GMO, fair trade, gluten-free, and they never test on animals. They have skin care,
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Annmarie Skin Care Tri-Cities

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