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Man enjoying outdoors on a lake after recovering from TBI with MeRT Treatment.

MeRT Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries & Concussion 

Help Your Brain Make a Full Recovery 

A traumatic brain injury or concussion can severely impact your quality of life and cause long-term symptoms that affect your cognitive abilities, mood, and overall health. Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MeRT) is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that can help your brain recover quickly and fully. 

Quick Overview of TBIs & Concussions 

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are caused when an external force, such as a sports injury or motor vehicle accident, disrupts the nerves or signals in the brain. Most TBIs are caused by a powerful blow or jolt to the head, which are common causes of a concussion. 

Concussions are the most common type of mild traumatic brain injury. They occur when your brain hits the inside of your skull and is bruised as a result. Other types of TBIs include intracranial hemorrhages, cerebral contusions, and penetrating brain injuries, which are often more severe and potentially life-threatening. 

Traumatic brain injury symptoms don’t always appear immediately. While some people may feel ill or lose consciousness as soon as the trauma happens, more mild injuries may be masked by adrenaline or shock. And if TBIs aren’t treated promptly, you may suffer long-lasting, chronic effects that impact your daily life and shorten your life expectancy.  

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Common Symptoms of
Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Dizziness and blurry vision
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Chronic headaches
  • Drowsiness and fatigue
  • Sleeping difficulties 
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Balance and coordination problems
  • Possible loss of consciousness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Seizures and paralysis
  • Muscle tightening
  • Slurred speech
  • Hearing problems
  • Involuntary eye movement
  • Tingling or numbness in the limbs
  • Breathing and swallowing problems
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • Impaired memory 
  • Attention and concentration difficulties
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Mood and personality changes 
Man enjoying recovery from traumatic brain injury with MeRT Treatment

A TBI Can Lead to Long-Term Health Problems 

It’s not uncommon for people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury to experience life-long effects. Findings from the Journal of Neurotrauma shows that 25% of people with moderate head injury have moderately impaired function. 

And people with a history of repeated TBIs or concussions are more likely to have chronic symptoms. This issue is common with athletes who are prone to head hits, such as football players or boxers. Military members may experience frequent blast-related traumatic brain injuries, and older adults can experience severe TBIs from falls, which can be potentially debilitating or even fatal.

TBIs are also known to have a profound effect on childhood development. Children who experience a concussion or other traumatic brain injury may lag in reaching certain learning building blocks and often struggle with emotional regulation. Often, these symptoms are confused with learning or behavioral problems, and the child may struggle to get the care they need to recover. 

How MeRT Can Help Treat TBIs

Traditional treatment for traumatic brain injuries typically includes medications. These drugs might help manage symptoms, but they don’t actually heal the brain or address the root cause of the problem. 

MeRT is an effective neuroscience-based, pain-free alternative for treating TBIs. It is a neurotherapy that both diagnoses and treats brain conditions using a personalized application of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Many people, including professional athletes, have successfully used MeRT to improve their cognitive abilities and heal their brain injuries. 

Step 1

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Record Quantitative EEG (Brain Mapping)

Step 2

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EEG Analysis & Review

Step 3

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MeRT Treatment

Step 4

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Progress Evaluation 

Dr. Joseph Radawi

Why We Treat TBIs & Concussions with MeRT

Dr. Joseph Radawi, MD, practiced emergency medicine for more than 10 years before moving into functional medicine. He saw first-hand the impact that chronic conditions, including many mental and neurological conditions, were having on people in his community and wanted to help.

He found that while traditional medicine is great for acute care, such as injuries and emergencies, it doesn’t have good enough answers when it comes to chronic, life altering conditions. MeRT Treatment is a breakthrough approach that treats the neurons of the brain, rather than just the symptoms, to restore brain health for the long-term. Over the years Dr. Radawi has realized that altered mental and brain health is a limiting factor in obtaining optimal health even when following other functional medicine lifestyle recommendations. This is why he is so excited to introduce this innovative treatment in East Tennessee.

Dr. Radawi has completed advanced clinical training in functional medicine and MeRT treatment and has helped many patients address the root causes of their problems and step into a new world of possibilities. Are you ready to take control and restore your brain health?

I’m two or three months past my last treatment, and I can honestly say my brain is in a better place than it was before. The emotional highs and lows I was living with have been stabilized. My cognition took off during that period and it hasn’t slowed down since.

Nick Hardwick (Retired NFL Center, Chargers)

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