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Incorporating Functional Medicine Into Chronic Pain Care

The current, broken healthcare system provides many people with doctors' visits that are too short, prescribes medications that don't solve health problems like chronic pain and fatigue, and uses insurance plans that don't pay for treatments that will work.

Are you ready to do something different to get different results?

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine has put together an integrative, functional medicine team dedicated to preventing and reversing chronic diseases through a comprehensive and individualized approach.

Using functional lab tests to identify problems early in order to be proactive rather than reactive, Dr. Joseph Radawi, MD, and other Tri-Cities Functional Medicine specialists pinpoint the root cause of your health problems and create a personalized treatment plan from the foundation of their education curriculum called the Five Pillars of Health.

These pillars are: nutrition and detoxification, emotional, mental and spiritual, exercise and movement, stress and hormones, and sleep.